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Claims Information

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Claims Support

For claims questions, please call a Claims Customer Service Representative Monday through Friday from 9AM until 4PM at (831) 430-5503 or (800) 700-3874 ext. 5503.

Claims Department Fax Number
(831) 430-5858 or (831) 430-5868

Contact Claims Department Management:
Misty Torrez, Claims Manager – Provider Support: (831) 430-5720
Sharlene Gianopoulos, Claims Manager – Operations: (831) 430-5700
Frank Souza, Claims Director: (831) 430-5611

On-site Training

Call the Claims department to request an in-service training/orientation at your office. Potential meeting topics may include:

      •  Review billing history

      •  Address specific claims issues

      •  Tips to bill efficiently and accurately

Call (831) 430-5503 or (800) 700-3874 ext. 5503 for more information or to schedule.

Click here to submit comments or suggestions to the Claims department.

Interested in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Transactions?

Alliance Payer IDs are:

      •  Office Ally: CCA01 (Professional and Institutional)

      •  Change Healthcare: SX169 (Professional);

         12K82 (Institutional)

      •  ClaimRemedi: 95311 (Professional and Institutional)

      •  MedAssets: MEDASSETS (Professional and Institutional)

Click on the links below to begin the process of submitting claims electronically.

      •  About EDI Transactions

      •  EDI Request Form

      •  EDI Companion Guide - Transaction Instruction

      •  EDI Companion Guide - 837/835 Trading Partner Information

      •  EDI Companion Guide - 276/277 Information

      •  EDI Companion Guide - 270/271 Information

      •  Top Most Common Payer Rejections (Errors) in 5010 Compliance Maps

Remittance Advice Information

Remittance Advice Guide

      •  RA Guide

Remittance Advice Explain Codes

      •  RA Explain Codes

Forms and Information

Please note that you must be signed up to receive your Remittance Advice (RA) electronically in order to be enrolled with direct deposit. There are two available options for you to do so: via EDI 835 transaction - Electronic Remittance Advice, or via the Provider Web Portal, by downloading your RAs in PDF format.

Once you have enrolled with EFTs, you will not be receiving paper RAs via mail.

    EFT/ACH Authorization Form - Electronic Payments Instructions

    EDI Trading Partner Agreement - All Transaction Types Form Instructions

As our public IP addresses recently changed, please be sure you are using our host name to connect to our SFTP server (do not use our IP address).

The host name to connect to our server is: sftp.ccah-alliance.org

If any of your processes currently point to our server using IP, please redirect them to sftp.ccah-alliance.org, and re-run the upload/download process.

Questions: Contact our Claims department Monday through Friday, 9AM-4PM at (800) 700-3874 ext. 5503.


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