How to Get Prescription Drugs

What is a formulary?

We pay for medications that are listed in our “formulary.” A formulary is a list of the drugs and medications that we will pay for. Every Alliance doctor has this list. Our formulary does not list all the pills that there are. If your doctor thinks you need a medication that is not on our list of approved drugs, he or she will need to send us a form called a Treatment Authorization Request (TAR for short). We will review the request and approve or deny it based on the information your doctor provides.

See the complete list of the medications and medical supplies that we cover. If you want a copy of our formulary, call Member Services.

Some of the pharmacies in our network have locations in other parts of California. If you are going outside Santa Cruz, Monterey and Merced counties, call Member Services to see if there is a contracted pharmacy nearby.























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