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eConsult Services

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The Alliance offers contracted primary care physicians (PCPs), physician assistants and nurse practitioners providing primary care, access to specialist networks via eConsult services.

eConsult utilizes a secure web-based platform to enable communication between a provider and a specialist. In an eConsult, a PCP typically presents a brief question regarding a patient’s symptom management or diagnosis to a remote specialist and may include medical records and images. Like email, communication occurs asynchronously, but includes follow up questions and clarifications.

For information on program eligibility and requirements for participating providers, please see Section 6 of the Alliance Provider Manual.

If you have questions regarding the eConsult program, please contact us at telehealth@ccah-alliance.org.

Program Overview

For an overview of the Alliance eConsult program and information on how to participate in this innovative new program, please review the presentations from the September 2017 provider workshops linked below. For more information, please view the previously recorded webinar below (held on June 20, 2017).

eConsult Webinar Presentation (PDF)

eConsult Vendors

PCPs can currently utilize services from three organizations: RubiconMD, AristaMD, and Direct Derm.


RubiconMD provides an easy-to-use online platform, created for clinicians by clinicians and offers access to a network of specialists in over 100 specialties. Please visit rubiconmd.com and watch the video below for additional information.

RubiconMD presentation

For information on utilizing RubiconMD services, please contact:
Swati Kumar, Senior Implementation Manager
(248) 825-7616


AristaMD’s Smart Care Platform enables PCPs to conduct eConsults with over 100 board-certified specialists in over 30 specialty and sub-specialty areas (adult and pediatric). It’s quick, efficient and fits seamlessly into your clinical workflow. Please visit www.aristamd.com and watch the video below for additional information.

AristaMD presentation

To learn more or to receive a demo, please contact:
Brooke LeVasseur, Chief Executive Officer
(415) 254-2672

Direct Derm

Direct Derm is a medical group that offers high-quality dermatology care that enhances patients’ lives. The group provides access to dermatologists through a web-based platform, as well as in-person follow-up in select areas. Please visit www.directderm.com (click on the “Providers” link at the top of the page).

DirectDerm presentation

For information on Direct Derm, please contact:
Eliana Gonzalez, Provider Relations
(916) 599-1140


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