Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program

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The Alliance’s Equipment Program provides funding to support the purchase of equipment that will expand health care providers’ capacity to serve the growing Medi-Cal population in the Alliance service area and impact direct patient care. Equipment funded through this program will result in additional Medi-Cal members served, improved practice efficiencies and/or improved member experience.

Eligible Applicants

To be considered for Equipment Program funding, applicants must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program (see Eligibility Guidelines) and meet the following program-specific requirements:

Please note that limited funding currently remains for Equipment grants in Merced, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

The applicant entity must be contracted with the Alliance/Medi-Cal and have a track record of contractual compliance and stability.
Eligible entities include safety net clinics (federally qualified health centers, rural health clinics, and community clinics) or practices with at least 25% Medi-Cal patient volume.
The applicant must agree to use the equipment for the benefit of Medi-Cal patients for a minimum of three years, if funded.
A single entity is limited to a maximum of one equipment grant request per practice site per year.

Types of Funded Equipment

The Alliance will consider grant applications for funding to support the purchase of new equipment that expands Medi-Cal capacity by increasing the number of Medi-Cal members served, promoting practice efficiencies and/or improving the member experience.

Examples of eligible equipment include Hoyer lifts, platform scales, hi-low exam tables, bariatric equipment, vaccine refrigerators, and exam room equipment for clinic expansions. Accessible medical equipment that serves the needs of seniors and persons with disabilities is strongly preferred.

The Alliance will not fund the following:

Equipment already purchased.
Replacement of existing equipment that would not result in a significant increase in the number of Medi-Cal members served.
Disposable supplies.
Equipment reimbursed through the Alliance’s authorization process.
Equipment that does not directly impact patient/client care, unless it would result in quantifiable practice efficiencies.
Equipment used for administrative purposes only.

Funding Amount and Term

The Equipment Program makes $1,500,000 available for the support the purchase of equipment that expands provider capacity. The Alliance awards grants to subsidize equipment purchases up to $20,000 per request. One grant request may include more than one piece of equipment, with the total funding request not to exceed $20,000 application. Applicants are required to submit quote(s) for equipment purchase(s) with their application.

Grant awards will be based on justification for request and supporting quotation. Applicants that are approved by the Alliance Board for funding will be reimbursed for the equipment purchase after providing the final purchase verification to the Alliance, which is due within three months of signing the Grant Agreement. Final grant payment will depend on verification of actual expenses but will not exceed approved amount. Equipment purchased prior to receipt and signature of Grant Agreement is not eligible for funding.


Visit How to Apply for deadlines, instructions, and online application form.

Applications require submission of financial statements. Acceptable financial statement submissions include audited financial statements for the last fiscal year. If one is not available, an organizational profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the last 12 months is acceptable, with President/CEO/Executive Director sign-off verification.

Equipment Program Description (printable PDF)


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