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Provider Workshops and Trainings

The Alliance offers periodic workshops and trainings to help our providers understand Alliance policies and procedures and to support quality health care delivery to our members. Provider workshops may be held at provider practices or at convenient local locations. Potential topics include:

• New Provider Orientations (also available for new staff)

• Working with Interpreters

• Health Literacy: Help Your Patients Understand Their Care

• Accessing Care Management Services

• Claims Billing Tips:

  – Review your billing history

  – Address specific claims issues

  – Help you bill efficiently and accurately

Contact your Provider Services Representative at (800) 700-3874 ext. 5504 to learn more about upcoming provider workshops or to discuss on-site training opportunities.


Past Workshops and Trainings

Medi-Cal Mental Health Benefits Workshop (Beacon Health Strategies)

Pain Management CME Training


Past Webinars

2018 Care-Based Incentive (CBI)
   – 2018 Care-Based Incentive (CBI) Webinar (PDF)
   – 2018 Care-Based Incentive (CBI) Provider Workbook (PDF)
   – 2018 Care-Based Incentive (CBI) FAQ (PDF)

CBI: Provider Portal and Resources
   – CBI: Provider Portal and Resources Webinar (PDF)
   – CBI: Provider Portal and Resources FAQ (PDF)

Referrals and Authorizations
   – Referrals and Authorizations Webinar (PDF)
   – Referrals and Authorizations Webinar FAQ (PDF)
   – Authorization Request Example (PDF)
   – Authorized Referral Example (PDF)
   – RAF Form Example (PDF)

eConsult Program Overview
   – eConsult Program Overview Webinar (PDF)

Care Based Incentives Fee for Service Measures Overview
   – CBI FFS Measures Overview Webinar (PDF)
   – CBI FFS Measures Overview FAQ (PDF)

Care Based Incentives Overview
   – CBI Overview Webinar (PDF)
   – CBI Overview FAQ (PDF)

Provider Portal Changes: What to Expect

For Merced County Providers: Healthy Futures and RIDE Immunization Registry


Resources for New Providers

The Alliance provides training to all new providers. Please click the appropriate link below to access training materials that support providers in caring for our members.

New PCP Training

New Non-PCP Training

New Acupuncture Provider Training


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