How to Get Prescription Drugs

Medication delivery

Did you know you can get a 90-day supply of most prescription medications mailed to you through MedImpact Direct? Talk to your doctor about getting a 90-day supply with free standard delivery. To set-up mail order for your medications, visit or call 855-873-8739.

In addition, Walgreens pharmacies are now offering free delivery for all eligible medications. Talk to your pharmacist or call your local Walgreens for more information.

What is a formulary?

We pay for medications that are listed in our “formulary”. A formulary is a list of the drugs and medications that we will pay for. Every Alliance doctor has this list. Our formulary does not list all the pills that there are. If your doctor thinks you need a medication that is not on our list of approved drugs, he or she will need to send us a form called a Prior Authorization. We will review the request and approve or deny it based on the information your doctor provides.

• See a complete list of covered medications by therapeutic class.
• If you want a copy of our formulary, call Member Services.

Some of the pharmacies in our network have locations in other parts of California. If you are going outside Santa Cruz, Monterey and Merced counties, call Member Services to see if there is a contracted pharmacy nearby.

• Medication Drop-Off Sites

  – Merced County

  – Monterey County

  – Santa Cruz County

• Sharps Drop-Off Sites

  – Merced County

  – Monterey County

  – Santa Cruz County

How to Get Oral Nutrition Supplements

The Alliance pays for oral nutrition supplements when medically necessary and prescribed by your Primary Care Provider (PCP). Oral nutrition supplements are liquids or powders that are taken by mouth which provide calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Specialized infant formulas, nutrition shakes, and protein supplements may be approved when necessary. To be considered medically necessary, your doctor or pharmacy must submit a Prior Authorization with a prescription and chart notes that prove you are unable to meet your nutrition needs through a standard diet alone or have a diagnosis that puts you at nutrition risk. We will review the request and approve or deny it based on the information your doctor provides. The Alliance will not approve oral nutrition supplements when it is used out of ease or preference.

Mail Order Pharmacy

Central California Alliance for Health has contracted with MedImpact Direct (MID) to provide mail order prescription delivery services for Alliance members.

Mail order prescription services with standard shipping are a covered benefit for Alliance members.

To set up mail order, please register with MedImpact Direct online:

Once you have registered with MedImpact Direct you can request refills of current prescriptions or have a new prescription filled by:


Call MedImpact Direct (MID) at (855) 873-8739
Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

With a simple phone call, MedImpact Direct (MID) will transfer your prescriptions for you.


Complete the MedImpact Direct Medication Order Form that can be downloaded from

Send in the form with your prescription to:
MedImpact Direct
PO Box 51580
Phoenix, AZ 85076-1580

Once MedImpact Direct has your order, you can order refills and customize your delivery options for future orders.

Fax from Doctor

Ask your doctor to send your prescription electronically or by faxing it to MedImpact Direct at (888) 783-1773. The pharmacy staff at MedImpact Direct will call you to obtain approval before they process the prescription.













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