Health Programs

The Alliance offers many health education and chronic disease management programs to help you get healthy and stay healthy. These programs can give you tools on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and manage your chronic condition. By joining, you also have a chance to win gift cards!

We can provide you:

Handouts and brochures on health topics like heart health, family planning, parenting, healthy teeth, stress, aging, healthy eating, being active, sexually transmitted diseases, sadness or depression, injury prevention, cancer, safe medicine use, preventive health screenings, and others. We can also send you handouts on all of the programs listed below.
Referrals for classes to help you control a condition or prevent getting sick.
Member rewards to motivate members to stay healthy.

Other Member Rewards Programs
Click here to learn about all of the Member Rewards programs that the Alliance offers.

To find out more about these programs, you can call and talk to a Health Programs staff member from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday by calling the Health Education Line at (800) 700-3874 ext. 5580.


Healthy Breathing for Life program

The Alliance covers asthma education classes for all ages. You and your child can learn new ways on how to manage asthma. You will also learn how to avoid asthma attacks and how to use medicine the best way. Asthma Action Plan (AAP) helps people learn how to manage their asthma. It also tells them what to do in case of an asthma emergency. If you or your child has asthma, talk to your doctor about getting an AAP.

Breastfeeding Support and Breast Pump Services

Breast milk is the best way to feed babies. Did you know that breastfeeding is the natural first food for babies and a basis of good nutrition that protects children against disease? Almost every mother can breastfeed, when they have help, support and advice, as well as day-to-day tools to solve any breastfeeding problems. If you have problems or questions about breastfeeding after your baby is born, we can connect you with one of our approved Lactation Consultants. We also pay for personal electric breast pumps and supplies that are medically necessary and when the mother is returning to work or school.

(See "Pregnancy" section below to learn more about the Healthy Moms and Healthy Babies program.)


Live Better with Diabetes program

The Alliance covers diabetes education classes for all ages. You can learn tools to keep diabetes under control. You will learn how to eat the right foods, be more active, and lower stress. You will also learn how to test your blood sugar and use medicine, if needed.

Education can be provided through individual and group settings. Members with other health coverage must use all benefits provided through their primary insurer before using Alliance benefits.

Members with diabetes, under the age of 21 years will be referred to a California Children’s Services (CCS) approved Special Care Center (SCC) for coordination of diabetes care by a CCS paneled provider, as appropriate.

Diabetes Prevention

Pre-diabetes can be reversed by losing moderate weight, eating healthy, and being more active. Please talk to your primary care provider about your risk and how to prevent type 2 diabetes.
The Alliance also covers pre-diabetes education for members of all ages. Some pre-diabetes education programs may have age limitations.

Healthier Living Program

Living with a chronic condition can be hard. Join a Healthier Living Program (HLP) workshop and learn the skills to better manage your health. Take control of your health and live a fuller life! Sign up now!

“It gave me the courage to get my life back on track…” ~ Workshop participant


Healthy Moms and Healthy Babies program

The Alliance's Healthy Moms and Healthy Babies (HMHB) program helps pregnant women get early prenatal and postpartum care.

Make sure your new baby is healthy! It is very important to see your doctor during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. At these visits, your doctor will see how you and your baby are doing. He or she will also make sure you get any tests you need. (See "Breastfeeding and Breast Pump Services" section above for information about getting these services).

*Member Reward - Prenatal Care: See your doctor during the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy or within 42 days of becoming an Alliance member.

New 2020 Member Reward Information Coming Soon

*Member Reward - Postpartum Care: See your doctor 21 to 56 days after you give birth. Members who see their doctor 21 to 56 days after having a baby will get a $25 gift card. To receive your $25 gift card, your doctor will need to send us a bill for your postpartum visit. We will send you the gift card after we receive the bill and confirm your visit.

Weight Management

Learn great ways to eat healthy and be more active. We can send you handouts with helpful tips and ideas. You can speak with a Health Programs staff member about ways to improve your eating habits. We can also tell you about free and low-cost ways to get active in your area. Small changes can make a big difference!

Wellness that Works Support Program

Members who are overweight or obese may be able to join Wellness that Works* through the Alliance. Members must have Alliance as their primary insurance. This is not a Medi-Cal benefit, but an Alliance covered service; there are a limited number of spots for Alliance members each year. This program is for adults, but some children 15 years and older may be able to join. Talk to your doctor and ask him or her if you should be referred to this program.
*Wellness that Works® is the new name for Weight Watchers.

Healthy Weight for Life Program

This program is for children and teens ages 2 to 18 who want to reach a healthy weight. The Healthy Weight for Life program can help your child learn how to eat healthy and be more active. You can also learn tools to support your child with lifestyle changes.

*Member Reward
New 2020 Member Reward Information Coming Soon

Nurse Advice Line

When you have health questions, the Alliance Nurse Advice Line is a good place to start. It’s free, fast, and easy, and you can access the line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A registered nurse will answer your health questions and quickly give you advice on care options. Members who call the Alliance Nurse Advice Line will be entered into a monthly raffle for a chance to win a $50 gift card. You can also request a free copy of the “What to do When Your Child Gets Sick” book. This book is only a guide. Be sure to talk to your doctor about what to do when your child is sick.

Immunizations (Shots)

Make sure you and your children get all of your shots to stay healthy. Talk to your doctor about which shots you need and when you need to get them.

Shots for Babies
Click here to see the current schedule for babies on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website.

Shots for Children and Teens
Click here to see the current schedule for children and teens on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website.

Shots for Adults
Click here to see the current schedule for adults on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website.

Tobacco Cessation Support Program

This program offers many ways to help member quit smoking. Members are referred to the California Smokers' Helpline at 1-800-NO-BUTTS or 1-800-662-8887. The Helpline offers free counseling over the phone in English, Spanish, and other languages.

We can also help you find a quit smoking class in your area. If you have Alliance as your primary insurance, we will pay for you to attend the class. We also cover stop smoking aids such as Zyban or nicotine gum or patches. Click here for more information about help to quit smoking.


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