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ICD-10 Information and Resources

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• ICD-10-CM Search

A powerful medical coding search engine that allows you to look up ICD-10 codes. Provides an extensive code browser where ICD-10-CM codes are arranged in a tree-like menu fashion based on their chapters and sub-chapters.

• Find-A-Code

Simple search for medical and health care billing codes online. Current codes, accurate information on ICD-9 (ICD-9-CM and ICD-9-PCS), ICD-10-CM/PCS, CPT(R), HCPCS, PQRI and other billing codes and code sets. A free trial is available.

• ICD-10 Code Search

Mapping tool based on General Equivalency Mapping files published by CMS. Please note that this tool does not guarantee clinical accuracy, and clinical analysis may be needed to determine appropriate codes.

• ICD-10 Code Translator

The ICD-10 code online translator tool allows you to compare ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes. ICD-9 was expanded from 17,000 to approximately 141,000 ICD-10 codes, and this online tool can help you map that expansion. (note: this tool only converts ICD-10-CM codes, not ICD-10-PCS.)

Useful CMS Resources

ICD-10 Main Website
• Industry Email Updates
• Provider Resources Page
Latest News

ICD-10 Educational Videos from CMS

ICD-10 Basics

Training to Assist Small Physicians

Practice Manager's Guide to ICD-10

Other External Resources

• DHCS Reference Page
• AHIMA - The American Health Information Management Association

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