Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program

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Please Note: January 21, 2020 will be the last deadline to apply for new Technical Assistance projects. Limited funding currently remains for Technical Assistance grants in Santa Cruz County.


The Alliance offers Technical Assistance (TA) grants to organizations in the Alliance service area for training or consulting engagements that directly align with the Alliance’s funding goals, which include increasing access, coordination of care and integration of services.

Eligible Applicants

To be considered for Technical Assistance Program funding, applicants must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program (see Eligibility Guidelines) and meet the following program-specific requirements:

Be an organization with at least 25% Medi-Cal patient volume, or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or governmental agency that provides safety net services to a significant volume of Medi-Cal members in the Alliance service area.
Have dedicated staff resources for the proposed TA project.
Agree to fully participate in TA activities, including site visits, conference calls, webinars, and any preparation and/or follow up from the consultant/training sessions, as defined and agreed upon in partnership with the technical assistance consultants.

Types of Funded Projects

The Alliance provides Technical Assistance (TA) grants to organizations working to increase their capacity to serve the Medi-Cal population in the Alliance service area. TA grants can be used to engage a consultant or to pay for training that will directly result in increased access, improved coordination of care, increased integration of services, and/or increased member engagement.

Preference will be given to applications that best demonstrate how the proposed project would expand Medi-Cal capacity and support the Alliance’s funding goals. All Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program awards are one-time grants. Funding for ongoing training and sustainability costs will not be considered.

Specific examples of types of TA projects that will be considered include, but are not limited to:

Consultant support to health care organizations to develop a plan for improving joy in work.
Coaching engagements to improve team-based care and/or transform clinic operations to improve quality, efficiency and patient experience.
Training of health care providers or community agencies that serve the Medi-Cal population on best practices for caring for patients with mental illness.
Consultant support to assist with integration of behavioral health/substance use disorder and primary care services.
Training of clinic staff on implementing new programs/clinical practices.
Consultant support to convene health care and community agencies to develop new partnerships and strategies for increasing coordination of care.

The Alliance will not fund the following as part of the TA Program:

Staff travel, overhead or administrative costs.
Payment of a board member, employee, or any party who is directly affiliated with your organization.
Activities completed or costs incurred prior to approval of the grant request by the Alliance.
Organizational development activities (e.g. leadership training, strategic planning) or activities that are considered operational expenses (e.g. grant writing, marketing activities).

Funding Amount and Term

Funding requests for TA may not exceed $40,000. Grant payments for grantee-identified consultant services or training will be made directly to grantee to pay for fees and direct costs associated with the project. An organization is limited to one TA grant. The Alliance will consider approving additional engagements based on interest and available funding. The number of TA grants to be made will depend on the total number of applications received and amounts requested by each applicant. TA engagements should not exceed 12 months. A final report is required and will be due to the Alliance at project completion.


Visit How to Apply for deadlines, instructions, and online application form.

Applications for TA grants require an attached Scope of Work that names the qualified consultant or training opportunity and details the work to be completed and anticipated results. The Scope of Work will show a breakdown of the specific activities performed by the consultant or during the training and must include an estimated number of hours associated with those activities. The Alliance reserves the right to ask for evidence of a consultant's qualifications and to reject a consultant if deemed not qualified.

Applications require submission of financial statements. Acceptable financial statement submissions include audited financial statements for the last fiscal year. If one is not available, an organizational profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the last 12 months is acceptable, with President/CEO/Executive Director sign-off verification.


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