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Provider Portal
The Alliance’s Provider Portal offers quick and easy online access to the tools and information you need to streamline your administrative processes.

Click on the button at the left to log in.

Contracted Alliance providers can use the Provider Portal to:
 • Check member eligibility    • Submit authorization requests
 • View and search Remittance
   • Search for authorization and
    referral requests
 • View patient prescription history
    and medication management
   • Check processed claims,
    including service line details and
    payment information

Contracted Primary Care Providers can use the Provider Portal to:

      •  Access quarterly and monthly quality reports

      •  Search, view, and download linked member lists and reports

      •  Submit referrals

Provider Portal User Guide

Click here to access the Provider Portal User Guide. This comprehensive resource provides step-by-step instructions for providers on how to use all of the Provider Portal functions.

Provider Portal Resources

Provider Portal Quick Reference
Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started on the Provider Portal


To set up an account...
Click the link to the left to access the online Provider Portal Request Form. Once you have provided your registration information the Provider Portal Support Specialist will contact you to help set up your account.

For questions or concerns regarding the Provider Portal, please contact the Provider Portal Support Specialist at (831) 430-5518.



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